Erica L. Reynolds
Erica and Mark Cuban
Live on the Main Stage
Erica & Michelle Obama
Erica and Joel Osteen
LA Women's Expo w/ Sheryl Underwood
The Stage
Let's Go!
LA Women's Expo Main Stage
LA Women's Expo
Excited to Inspire!
LA Women's Expo Day 1
Volunteering on the Golf Course
Volunteering, Spreading Cheer
The PDG tour - Houston Flyer
The PDG Tour - Houston
Selfies at the Houston tour
Speakers - Houston
The PDG tour - Houston
THe PDG tour - Houston Attendee
The PDG tour - Houston attendee
Speaker Selfies
The PDg tour - ATL flyer
The PDG tour - ATL Attendees
The PDG tour - ATL
The PDG tour - ATL
The PDG tour - ATL Attendee
The PDG tour - Chino Hils
The PDG tour - Chino Hills
The PDG tour - Chino Hills Attendees
I do it for charity :)