Ready to elevate your life and get to the next level? When an athlete needs to step up their performance – they hire a coach. The same can be done when it comes to life goals.  Our coaching sessions help to provide clarity to your vision and the strategy to get there.  Coaching is an interactive relationship where I, as the coach, will intuitively help you bring forth your strengths and best parts of yourself to achieve breakthrough results. Sometimes we need a nudge, sometimes we need a push and sometimes we just need help with lighting the path to our desired journey.

Come take a walk with me and we’ll get there together.

Whether you need help reaching your next breakthrough in your career or life, contact Erica today to schedule your coaching sessions!

Types of Coaching Offered:

Conflict & Communication, Stress Management, Holistic (Health & Wellness), Relationship, Family, Career, Entrepreneurship (Business), Leadership 

Group sessions also available

Public Speaking/Presentation Coach

Does speaking to an audience frighten you or perhaps you would like to be more engaging in your presentations? Being an engaging speaker and delivering an impactful message is about more than just the words we speak. With over 25 years of experience in public speaking and presenting, I will help you maximize your message and use your body and voice as effective communication tools. You'll learn how to keep your audience engaged, gain increased confidence and undeniable stage presence.



Need more than a speech? We design and facilitate workshops that can help you and your group acquire the necessary tools for change. Learn how to communicate more effectively, assess situations more accurately, identify personal barriers and experience breakthroughs. Let us customize a workshop to fit your needs. We facilitate for small and large groups, organizations and families

Keynote Speaker

Need a keynote speaker for your next event? If you are looking for a dynamic, engaging speaker – You have found your solution! I speak on motivational topics, resilience, communication, effective goal setting, mindfulness, transforming your life and more. My goal is to relate and inspire the audience, leaving them impacted and ready for change.